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Our Story // Who We Are

Who We Are

Delta Sigma Delta is the ​oldest international professional dental fraternity. The first chapter, Alpha Chapter, was founded at the University of Michigan on November 15, 1882. Our UCSF Chapter, Zeta Chapter, was founded on October 23, 1891. Today, Delta Sigma Delta currently has 32 Undergraduate chapters in the US and 34 Graduate chapters worldwide - all of whom possess the qualities of Knowledge, Strength, and Justice. The Zeta Chapter fosters an environment of scholastic, professional, and social growth which develops leaders to advance the profession of dentistry. With a strong network of brothers who are faculty, alumni, students in specialty programs, and students in dental school, we take pride in supporting dental students during their careers here at UCSF.

For those dental professionals and students who want to be a part of this family, we welcome you with open arms!

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Our Story // What We Do

What We Do

Academically, the Zeta Chapter organizes an anatomy mock practical and waxing and tooth identification demos for the first year dental students. Throughout the year, PRDS demos and tutoring workshops are offered to Delts members. Additionally, any Delt that needs tutoring in BMS or PRDS is welcome to ask upperclassmen Delts for help. That's what they're there for! Furthermore, at UCSF, many of the faculty are members of Delta Sigma Delta and meet and greets throughout the year allow you to get to know them on a more personal level.

In regards to service, Delts serve as mentors for undergraduate predents. All of our members are involved in various leadership roles  around campus from ADEA, ASDA, to CHH.

Professionally, there are leadership conferences both regionally and nationally. This year the conferences will actually be held at UCSF, so it will be very easy for members to meet Delts from all around the country!

Socially, our fraternity is a family that enjoys hanging out with one another throughout the year. Each new member will have a D2, D3, and D4 link that act as "big brothers/sisters" that help with PRDS materials, projects, and We offer an initiation dinner and the senior farewell dinner for our members. Our fraternity hosts the first clubbing event of the year and a halloween clubbing event as well.  Our fraternity also travels to Lake Tahoe the first week of a winter for an awesome time renting a cabin (jacuzzi included) with the option of skiing/snowboarding. In addition to these awesome events, we have random events for our members which in the past have included trampoline dodgeball, game nights, paintballing, bowling, potlucks, and more!

Contact Us

Contact Us

email: "ucsf.zetadelts @" (no spaces)

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